Blockbuster Cade Cunningham trade proposal would set Pistons back

Detroit Pistons v Utah Jazz
Detroit Pistons v Utah Jazz / Alex Goodlett/GettyImages
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Detroit Pistons trade Cade Cunningham to the Utah Jazz in a proposed deal 

I’m sure there are offers out there that Trajan Langdon would entertain for Cade Cunningham, but it would likely have to be an overpay. 

After all, what was all of that tanking for if not to get a player who has the chance to be a star? With no other players like that on the roster, the Pistons would be punting the only real asset they’ve acquired in four years of losing. 

Bleacher Report came up with a fake trade that would at least make the Pistons pause. So, would this offer from Utah be enough to move the needle for Detroit? 

Cade to Utah

In this trade, the Pistons trade their alleged franchise savior for two project players who are both 20 years old, one of whom (Hendricks) missed over half his rookie season with injuries. 

They’d also get four first-round picks including the 10th in this draft. This would be a reset for the Pistons, as they would get younger and presumably reboot around all of these picks they suddenly have. 

This makes sense for Utah, who consolidate their assets into a star player who is a great fit with what is left. 

Some Jazz fans might consider this an overpay. But what about the Pistons? Would they even entertain this offer? It might look good, but is it really?