5 Candidates to replace Monty Williams as Pistons head coach

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Monty Williams has been fired by the Detroit Pistons.

While he's hardly the primary reason for the Pistons 14-68 record, it was obvious for a long time that this was not going to work, and after the Pistons hired Trajan Langdon to become the President of Basketball Operations, his days were numbered. Langdon now has to focus on hiring the fourth head coach in six years.

Fans will lament the lack of big names in a potential coaching search, but this is the best thing for the Pistons. They need a coach who can grow with the players and a coach who can get the team back to what made Detroit great.

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5 Head coaching candidates for the Detroit Pistons

1. Sam Cassell

It's honestly amazing that Sam Cassell hasn't been given an opportunity to be head coach yet. The former NBA point guard is a four-time champion (3 as a player, 1 as a coach), an All-Star, and since retiring in 2009, has been an assistant coach for numerous NBA teams. Currently an assistant for the Boston Celtics, he has been known for his development of guards in the NBA, with the likes of John Wall learning from him, as well as helping stars like James Harden and Chris Paul to elevate their games and their teams.

Coming off of an NBA championship with the Celtics, Cassell would add championship experience as both a player and a coach to the Pistons and could be the answer to helping settle the Cade Cunningham and Jaden Ivey backcourt. Able to develop and push players to reach their potential, Cassell would be the first-time head coach that the Pistons need to grow with the team and be a long-term centerpiece.