5 Candidates to replace Monty Williams as Pistons head coach

Detroit Pistons v Philadelphia 76ers
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3. Chris Quinn

Chris Quinn is a former player for the Miami Heat, and since 2014, has been an assistant under the great Eric Spoelstra. Quinn is constantly praised as a leader, even tempered, and someone who embodies Heat Culture, which also saw two NBA Finals appearances in the last 5 years.

Bringing culture and stability to the Pistons is absolutely necessary, and Quinn can do that and more. Both a coach and a Director of Player Development, he could be pivotal in restoring the confidence in a young team after one of the worst seasons in NBA history. Defensive-minded, confident, and stable, it's hard to look at his record and think he couldn't be the next coach of the Detroit Pistons, a historically blue-collar organization. Quinn embodies it.