The case for the Detroit Pistons chasing a flawed star this summer

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The Detroit PIstons need a villain

The Bad Boys. The Darren McCarty Red Wings. The Brad Holmes "Villain" sweatshirts. "Detroit vs Everybody". The city of Detroit loves playing the Villain. For the Pistons community, these last 15 years of incompetent Pistons basketball is our origin story.

I can't think of a better potential "Detroit" guy than New York City public enemy number 1: Trae Young. He is nasty, he is hatable; his frizzy hair makes NBA fans want to pull their own out. The six-foot, 170 lb soaking wet Young is a pain in the you-know-what. Again, Knicks fans will tell you all about it. But you know what the worst thing about him is? He has all those grinch-like characteristics and will still bury your team with another 35-footer in the playoffs.

You can hear his desire and desperation to win in that podcast clip posted above. I'd like to believe that he'll do whatever it takes to get back to relevant playoff basketball, as he knows that his career will fade out if he doesn't. If Trae Young was here, helping the soft-spoken good-cop Cade lead the Pistons to the playoffs, I guarantee the city of Detroit will not only embrace him but will induct him into the Pistons-Legends Hall of Fame, similar to Blake Griffin. He is a villain through and through, one who the Hawks are giving up on, and Detroit would be the perfect place for him to commence his redemption story and truly become the villain of the NBA.

But what about his fit with the Pistons' roster?