The case for the Detroit Pistons chasing a flawed star this summer

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Trae Young's fit with the Detroit Pistons

Trae Young does not fit on this current roster, but I do believe he fits next to Cade, with the contingency that the Pistons front office makes other competent signings that complement a Cunningham/Young backcourt.

People will instantly say, well Dejounte and Trae didn't fit. I will put a different perspective on that and say they fit well enough to be in the playoffs/play-in every year. The Hawks won 41 games during Murray's first year and 36 games this past year. That type of season feels impossible for the Pistons right now.

While 36-40 wins a year should not be the end goal for the Pistons, I do think that Cade and the Pistons community need to see progress; a step in the right direction. Add Fontecchio, sign a Kelly Oubre or Tobias Harris (on a cheapish deal), and make a run at Nicolas Claxton or try to nab Clint Capela on the last year of his deal, and all of sudden you have a competitive NBA roster with young, hungry bench players.

I see no reason why Young and Cade can't gel well on the court, as they are masters of the pick and roll, are very good three-point shooters, and can both create and are willing to pass. Cade needs a running mate, as he is unselfish and isn't a guy who looks to shoot 30 shots a game. Young would fill that aggressive bucket-getter role while Cade is patient and strikes when he see's opportunity. It feels like a relationship where both players would alleviate pressure off each other. Get two knockdown Three-and-D guys (already have one in Simone) next to these two and we will, at the very least, see competent, competitive Pistons basketball again.

Look, do I think Trae Young will be a Detroit Piston next season? No, I don't. Am I clamoring for it; begging for it? Not really, no. Would I be in full support? Yes, I would. I am begging for urgency from the Pistons front office and for something like this Trae Young proposal to happen this offseason.

The Pistons community cannot handle another "run-it-back". This roster is broken; the pieces do not make sense. Cade is the guy and every move this offseason should be made with him in mind as this franchise's cornerstone piece. Every Batman needs a Robin though. Cade can't do it alone. The Pistons have enough assets and cap space to get this derailed train back on track.