2 Chicago Bulls the Detroit Pistons could target in smaller offseason trades

Detroit Pistons v Chicago Bulls
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Detroit Pistons: Trading for Alex Caruso

A name a lot of the league will be watching this offseason is Alex Caruso, who will be entering the final year of his contract at a bargain $9.8 million (that is only partially guaranteed) before becoming an unrestricted free agent after the 2024-25 season

Caruso is one of the best defenders in the NBA and is likely to make the All-Defensive first team for the second year in a row after this season while also shooting just under 40 percent from 3-point range.

Caruso's defense and shooting are precisely what the Pistons need on the perimeter, and it's possible the Bulls will move on rather than risk him walking in free agency.

It's also possible the Bulls do nothing or even offer Caruso an extension, but if he does hit the market, he'll be a popular man, as he's the type of player who would help almost any team.

Part of the change the Pistons need is more complementary players for their young core (which these two are), as well as guys who have a gritty defensive mindset that can help change the culture (these two do).

The question is what it would take to get Caruso, as he'll be coveted by a lot of teams considering his skillset and team-friendly contract. Would it be worth giving up a young player and/or future 1st-round pick for only one guaranteed year? That's a tough question.

But the Pistons have to do something, as they have to change the negative vibe around this team and stack as much of the roster with guys who can defend and shoot, even if they can't make the big trade fans are hoping for.