The common denominators in the Detroit Pistons' four wins

Detroit Pistons v Washington Wizards
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Pistons true field goal and offensive rating sets the pace

Another area in which Detroit has excelled during their wins this season is the efficiency of their offense. It’s no secret that Detroit is below average defensively, especially with Dan Burke being away from the team. So in order for the Pistons to steal a win, their offense has to be a work of art.

In the four games that Detroit has won this year, their true field goal percentage has not only been above their season average, it also is well above their opponent. Their eFG% splits vs. their opponents for each of their wins this year are 51 percent to 45, 59 percent to 47, 57 percent to 57 and 62 percent to 56. If you average these out, their estimated field goal percentage, which is true shooting while taking into consideration that three point shots are worth more than two, for the Pistons is 57 percent as opposed to their season average of 53 percent. 

Additionally, their offensive rating throughout their wins fall in the same boat. They are both above their season averages and well above their opponent. Detroit has an offensive rating season average of 110 throughout their 34 losses this year, but 122.5 in their four wins. Their average score in wins this year is 121.8, and just 110.6 in losses. When the offense is humming and able to make up for poor defense, good things happen for Detroit.