Comparing NBA rebuilds: Are the Detroit Pistons close to an all-in move?

Detroit Pistons v Chicago Bulls
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Atlanta Hawks' Route

Atlanta did their rebuild in a similar fashion, hit on multiple draft picks until the groundwork had been laid, and then made their move into relevance. Atlanta started their build by hitting on Trae Young. Whether you believe in his efficiency or not, Young was able to lift this roster himself until they put pieces around him. After Trae, they added players such as De’Andre Hunter, and Jalen Johnson, while adding potential that could be used in a trade. Atlanta used potential in the form of Cam Reddish to garner an additional first round pick from the Knicks. 

After jumping from 20-47 in 2019 to 41-31 in 2020, the Hawks decided their window was open. With having received a 1st round pick in the Reddish trade, they took a package of three first round picks, and a 1st round pick swap to the market. Their already young and talented roster was bolstered by adding all-star point guard/shooting guard Dejounte Murray.

Atlanta currently sits at just 29-34, with their roster in a fragile state. The Hawks are by no means a bad team and most would consider their rebuild a success, having made the playoffs in three straight years and the Eastern Conference Finals in 2020-2021. But I think the viability of an offensive dependent player like Trae Young is beginning to come back to haunt them. Still, I’m sure Pistons’ fans would die to have had their rebuild result in three straight playoff appearances by now.