10 Contracts the Pistons could take on in exchange for assets

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#9: Clint Capela 

Capela falls into the same category as Mitchell as a veteran center who can still play. He averaged a double-double last season with 1.5 blocks per game. 

He has one year and $22 million left on his deal, so he's not a sunk cost that the Hawks will be super desperate to get rid of.

Atlanta isn’t going to give the Pistons a big haul just to take on Capela but might be willing to package him with another player or possibly a future pick. 

#8: DeAndre Hunter 

Hunter could be that player.  

He’s a 3-and-D wing (sort of) on a reasonable contract that the Hawks have seemingly been trying to get rid of for ages. 

He’s a solid defender who has improved both his accuracy and volume from 3-point range, hitting over 38 percent on 5.3 attempts per game this season. 

The question is what the Hawks would be willing to kick for Detroit to take on both of these guys. There would have to be a pick or two coming the Pistons’ way to absorb $40 million in contracts that the Hawks don’t want. 

These two players would make Detroit better, but are questionable long-term pieces, especially for the cost.