10 Contracts the Pistons could take on in exchange for assets

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#7: Tim Hardaway Jr. 

I am on the record as saying I wouldn’t take him on unless there was a real asset attached, as this is just Alec Burks all over again, a veteran who is ok, but not good enough to move the needle, but good enough to take minutes from young players. 

THJ only shoots 35 percent from long range and is on the wrong side of 30. His deal isn’t that bad with justa year and $17 million remaining but it's far more than he's worth at this point. 

This is where Langdon needs to do what Troy Weaver never did, which is play hardball. How many times have the Pistons helped teams like the Knicks and Nets over the years with painfully little coming back? Those days have to be over. 

If the Pistons are going to take on another team’s dud and help them out of financial crisis, then they need a reward, and a second-round pick is not enough. 

THJ isn’t as washed as Joe Harris was, but the Pistons still shouldn’t take on his overpaid dotage unless they are getting something.