10 Contracts the Pistons could take on in exchange for assets

Sacramento Kings v Golden State Warriors
Sacramento Kings v Golden State Warriors / Lachlan Cunningham/GettyImages
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#6a: Kevin Huerter 

The Kings have reportedly been trying to use Huerter’s contract in talks for guys like Zach LaVine among others. 

Huerter is a useful player, though his 3-point shooting did take a dip this season. He’s still young enough at 25 and theoretically provides a skill the Pistons need. 

He has two years and around $33 million left on his deal, so it wouldn’t be catastrophic to the Pistons’ long-term plans to take him on. 

Huerter isn’t terrible or washed up, so the Kings probably aren’t going to attach a king’s ransom just to move him, though they are star hunting and do need the cap space. 

This could be another situation in which the Pistons take on two contracts. 

#6b: Harrison Barnes 

Barnes is still a productive role player who rarely misses games, so the Pistons could use his 3-and-D services.  

If the Kings can’t find a deal to move these two for a player they want, would they dump them on Detroit for nothing? It wouldn’t be the worst thing, as both are still useful players who aren’t on terrible contracts.