10 Contracts the Pistons could take on in exchange for assets

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#5: Nikola Vucevic 

If you only looked at Vucevic’s counting stats, you’d think he was still pretty good, though his 3-point shooting plummeted into the toilet this season. 

On paper, a veteran center who can shoot 3-pointers would be a nice add for the Pistons, but games aren’t played on paper. 

Vucevic is a terrible defender, even worse than Duren, so wouldn’t be any help there, and he is still owed over $40 million combined for the next two seasons. 

The Bulls would love to shed his contract, but they are also the Bulls, a cheap, miserly team that doesn’t have any draft picks to give away just to get rid of Vooch. 

#4: Zach LaVine 

Taking on both Vucevic and LaVine might be an option, though the Pistons would need other assets to do it and like I said, Chicago doesn’t have them. 

LaVine’s contract is poison given his injury history and the fact he’s won exactly one more playoff game than Ausar Thompson. 

This would be all of the Pistons’ cap space on a sus center and a player in LaVine who might end up being a giant sunk cost. 

I need assets to to this and I can’t see the Bulls giving them up. Throw in the 11th pick in this draft and get the conversation started.