10 Craziest moments from the worst season in Detroit Pistons' history

Detroit Pistons v Atlanta Hawks
Detroit Pistons v Atlanta Hawks / Kevin C. Cox/GettyImages
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#8: Me on the BBC 

This one is a personal note but is reflective of how this season went for the Pistons. Do you know how bad your team has to be before the foreign press calls to talk to you about it? I do now, as that’s what happened to me this season when I was contacted by producers from the British Broadcasting Corporation for an interview about the Pistons’ record futility. 

Nothing beats talking to a Brit with the poshest accent I’ve ever heard who has clearly never watched a basketball game and trying to explain exactly how your team came to be the worst in history. 

I would link it for you if I could, but it has disappeared into the ether, but the host laughed heartily when I said that Pistons fans had cycled through the five stages of grief at least five times that season. 

It was a nice moment for me professionally, but also a sign of just how bad this season was. The freaking Brits were suddenly paying attention to basketball, when has that ever happened?