10 Craziest moments from the worst season in Detroit Pistons' history

Detroit Pistons v Atlanta Hawks
Detroit Pistons v Atlanta Hawks / Kevin C. Cox/GettyImages
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#7: Isaiah Stewart arrested 

Much of the Pistons’ drama this season came off the court, including Isaiah Stewart, who was arrested before a game against the Suns for punching Drew Eubanks in the face. Apparently the two got into an altercation in the tunnel stemming from a previous disagreement on the court. Stewart, who wasn’t even playing in the game, is not one to play around, so it didn’t take long for him to allegedly drop his bags and go to work. 

Shockingly, video of the incident never emerged, which is probably for the best, though Stewart was arrested and booked in Phoenix. The charges were eventually dropped, and Stewart served a 3-game suspension, but it’s the first time I can remember a player being arrested before or during a game. 

The Pistons make history once again!