10 Craziest moments from the worst season in Detroit Pistons' history

Detroit Pistons v Atlanta Hawks
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#3: Killian Hayes starting and then out of the league

It’s wild to think about this now, but Killian Hayes played 42 games for the Pistons this season and started 31 of them even though he was arguably the worst player in the NBA. 

One of Monty Williams’ most inexplicable moves this season was starting Hayes over Jaden Ivey to start the season, especially considering the Pistons had tried to trade Killian and didn’t because Williams was intrigued with him. 

That intrigue carried on to the point of lunacy, as Hayes just kept racking up minutes despite an offensive game that was just plain offensive and saw everything from airballed five-foot floaters to passes to no one that sailed into the 5th row of stands. 

Hayes was cut at the trade deadline, as Troy Weaver had to do something to stop Monty, and never found another job. That is how bad this Pistons' season was: A guy who started nearly 40 percent of their games wasn’t even good enough to be in the league. 

I am going to have to update my “Draft Bust Starting Five” for the Pistons to include Hayes, who was one of the worst draft picks Detroit has ever made, and a mistake they just kept doubling down on until he was out of the NBA.