10 Craziest moments from the worst season in Detroit Pistons' history

Detroit Pistons v Atlanta Hawks
Detroit Pistons v Atlanta Hawks / Kevin C. Cox/GettyImages
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#2: Ausar Thompson’s blood clots 

Ausar Thompson had to miss a few games with an illness that no one thought much of. As is their modus operandi, the Pistons gave little information, as Ausar just kept missing games due to an “illness” with no additional details. 

That is until it was revealed that Thompson had blood clots, a surprising and alarming diagnosis that came out of nowhere. This was not the ending Thompson was hoping for his rookie season and he was playing some of his best basketball at the time, on his way to the All-Rookie team. 

His health is obviously far more important, so let’s hope Ausar’s treatment is going well and he’ll be back to 100 percent soon. 

#1: The 50-point game from nowhere 

If you would have bet that Malachi Flynn would score 50 points in an NBA game, you’d be very rich now, as his effort had to rank up there with the most unlikely NBA games of all time. 

Flynn looked like peak Isiah Thomas for one night (and one night only, as he only made one shot total in the next two games), getting to the rim at will, hitting all types of mid-range, fadeaways and floaters in a classic “small guy” performance that I really enjoyed. 

Flynn shouldn’t be on the roster next season, but he provided a memorable moment in one of the wackiest and worst seasons in Pistons’ history.