Detroit Pistons add player development to the coaching staff

Detroit Pistons v Atlanta Hawks
Detroit Pistons v Atlanta Hawks / Paras Griffin/GettyImages

When Tom Gores took the podium for a recent Q&A, he talked about how changes would be coming for the Detroit Pistons.

There haven't been any roster or front-office moves since then, no one has gotten fired or cut and the Pistons certainly haven't made any trades.

But they did make one small change yesterday, as it was announced that coach Brian Adams would be joining Monty Williams' staff as an assistant.

I don't think this was the change fans had in mind, but Adams does have the type of background that could benefit the Detroit Pistons.

Who is coach Brian Adams of the Detroit Pistons?

Adams started his career as an assistant at both Harvard and Marist universities before getting a job in player development for the LA Clippers.

He then landed the head coaching gig for the Agua Caliente Clippers of the G-League.

He then moved on to be a player development coach in Philly under Doc Rivers before eventually taking the head coaching job for the Taipei Taishin Mars

Adams has experience as both an assistant and head coach and has worked under some great coaches, so his experience should benefit the young Pistons.

You have to wonder what this means for assistant Dan Burke, who has been out for two months with personal issues. The hiring of Adams may indicate that Burke isn't returning anytime soon, though the two do very different jobs.

Burke is a defensive specialist who was brought in to try and fix the Pistons' woeful defense. He's been gone since the end of October and has been sorely missed on a team and coaching staff that could use his input.

Monty Williams has taken plenty of heat for how he has handled and developed his young players, so adding a coach with a background in player development can't hurt.

This is certainly not the level of change fans are hoping for and demanding, but Williams did bulk up his coaching staff, so I suppose it is a start.