Did the Detroit Pistons end up with the better Thompson Twin?

Detroit Pistons v Houston Rockets
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Ausar vs. Amen

Is it fair to compare the Thompson brothers against each other and compare stats this early in their young careers? Absolutely not. Amen has battled injuries and Ausar has taken his time to get adjusted to life in the NBA. But will fans do it anyway? Of course. Both brothers were coming into the NBA with obvious struggles on the offensive end. Amen was thought of to be the better shooter compared to his brother, but it’s been Ausar who has been slightly more efficient from three. They both showed great athleticism, defensive IQ, and work ethic, and Ausar was considered better on the defensive side. It’s actually been Amen who has accrued the higher defensive rating at this point however. 

Regardless of their rookie stats, both players have been what their respective franchise expected. To answer the question posed at the beginning of this article though, if Detroit were to have their choice, I’m sticking with our guy, Ausar.