The Detroit Pistons in a classic lose-lose trade

Mar 7, 2024; Detroit, Michigan, USA;  Brooklyn Nets guard Dennis Smith Jr. (4) shoots
Mar 7, 2024; Detroit, Michigan, USA; Brooklyn Nets guard Dennis Smith Jr. (4) shoots / Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

The Detroit Pistons have made so many trades and roster changes over the last few seasons that you'd need a running spreadsheet to keep up.

Judgment is still pending on a couple of them, as Quentin Grimes has only played four games for the Pistons since being traded from the Knicks.

Simone Fontecchio looks like a keeper, but that trade only works in Detroit's favor if they can re-sign him this offseason and do it without a drastic overpay.

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One of Troy Weaver's most controversial trades came last season when he shipped out popular forward Saddiq Bey in a move that brought back James Wiseman.

The Pistons didn't need another young center and Wiseman has not been good overall, though he has picked up his play of late.

But in a classic, lose-lose scenario, Saddiq Bey hasn't been very good for the Atlanta Hawks either.

Detroit Pistons trade: Saddiq Bey for James Wiseman

I didn't want the Detroit Pistons to give Saddiq Bey the "insane" extension he wanted, so wasn't that upset when they traded him away.

But it made little sense to take on another project center when they already had Jalen Duren and Isaiah Stewart, but we briefly talked ourselves into it because James Wiseman really looks the part and has "upside." We've not seen much of that upside and for much of this season, fans speculated that the Pistons would have been better off just keeping Bey (or reaping five second-round picks for him) even if they had no plans to re-sign him.

To his credit, Bey is playing big minutes for a team that will likely make the last spot of the play-in tournament, but his numbers leave much to be desired.

Bey is averaging 13.7 points and 6.5 rebounds while playing over 32 minutes per game. The rebounding numbers are the highest of his career, but Bey is shooting just 41 percent from the field overall and just 31 percent from long range, the latter representing the lowest of his career.

It appeared as though Bey had landed in the perfect spot to get back to the kind of 3-point shooting he flashed during his rookie season and at times since.

But Bey has been one of the worst in the NBA on corner 3-point shots, and he's taking plenty of them, which will be true for any forward playing with Trae Young.

The Pistons haven't fared any better, as Wiseman still plays like a rookie most of the time and is not likely to be part of the future either.

Ultimately, the Detroit Pistons will be better off when neither of these players are on the roster, but it's interesting to think about how things might be different if Detroit had held onto Bey for just one more season.

He'll be a restricted free agent when this one is over and the Hawks will have a tough call to make on whether to retain him or let him hit the open market.