Detroit Pistons final month stock watch: 3 rising, 2 plummeting fast

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Falling: Jaden Ivey

Ivey has been in a massive slump that looks slightly better than it is based on his 34-point outburst against the Brooklyn Nets, but other than that, he's struggled.

Ivey is averaging over 15 points in his last 10 games to go along with 3.6 assists and 2.4 rebounds, numbers you could live with if he was getting them efficiently and not playing huge minutes.

But he is playing huge minutes and in this stretch, he's shooting 37.5 percent from the field and just 23.7 percent from long range. If you take out that game against Brooklyn, those numbers are even more grim.

It's hard to say what's happening with Ivey other than he hasn't been able to get into a rhythm and has regressed in areas where he showed real improvement last season, namely his mid-range jumper. His game opened up late last season when he started hitting that 10-14 foot elbow jumper, as he's tough to stop going to the rim and teams have to back off, which leaves that shot open.

He hit 40 percent of his shots from 10-14 feet last season, not great, but that number has dipped to 34 percent this season, which is terrible. To put it in context, Cade Cunningham is hitting 48.2 percent of his shots from that same range and taking twice as many per game.

Whether it's his diminishing role with Cunningham playing well or he has just hit a bog-standard slump, Ivey has struggled pretty much everywhere except at the rim and until he proves otherwise, teams are going to back off and force him to shoot.