Happy anniversary to this crazy Isiah Thomas no-look pass

Phoenix Suns v Chicago Bulls
Phoenix Suns v Chicago Bulls / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

It's a slow news day for the Detroit Pistons, so the perfect time to look back at a bit of history.

I do feel bad for younger Pistons' fans who never got to experience any of the glory of the Bad Boys' years or the Goin' to Work teams and only know the team as the one that has not won a playoff game since Barack Obama was president.

Unfortunately for my lifespan, I was around to witness it all, and those memories are what keep us old heads going as we keep chasing the feeling you can only get when your team wins a title.

But it wasn't all just about titles, the Pistons had plenty of memorable plays from those eras, many of which involved Bill Laimbeer punching someone or getting punched himself.

There is also Vinnie's big shot, Tayshaun Prince's clutch block and this pass from Isiah Thomas that has worked its way into Pistons' lore.

Happy anniversary to this crazy Isiah Thomas no-look pass

I'm not going to reveal how old I was in 1992, but probably older than you and that's if you were born at all.

The 1991-92 Pistons were waning, as they had lost to Michael Jordan's Bulls the year before in an Eastern Conference Finals that sucked some of the life out of them after back-to-back titles with teams that were among some of the best in league history.

This was the final year of the Bad Boys, the last year of Chuck Daly and the Pistons were unceremoniously defeated by the Knicks in the first round of the playoffs.

But the season did have some magical moments, including this no-look pass from Isiah Thomas:

Thomas was knocked to the floor on a play that 100 percent would have been called a foul in today's game, as the defender was directly under the hoop.

Isiah went to his butt, as the ball rumbled back to him before he made this pass to Mark Aguirre (who seemed as surprised as anyone) as if he had eyes on the side of his head.

I'm not even going to do the depressing math about how many years ago that was, but it was a lot.

Hopefully, someday we will have high-definition memories to go along with the grainy ones and the Detroit Pistons will start treating us to more playoff wins and titles.