Pistons injuries vs. Grizzlies: Will Cade Cunningham reach important mark?

Memphis Grizzlies v Detroit Pistons
Memphis Grizzlies v Detroit Pistons / Nic Antaya/GettyImages

With only six games left, you have to wonder what will happen next for the Detroit Pistons. 

Malachi Flynn’s 50-point outburst, which had to be the most unlikely 50-point game in NBA history, was just the latest cherry on top of what has been a bizarre season for the Detroit Pistons. 

From a new coach, to a historic losing streak, to half a new roster at midseason to the current rotation that looks like computer generated names in NBA2K, this has not been the season the Pistons were hoping for or expecting. 

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If the Pistons can manage to get Jaylen Nowell into the game tonight, he will be the 31st player they’ve used this season, an NBA record. And there is a good chance he’ll see action, as the Pistons will once again have half their roster on the injury list. 

Detroit Pistons vs. Memphis Grizzlies: Injury update 

Cade Cunningham has been ruled out of tonight’s game with the Grizzlies with more knee maintenance. Cade needs to play three more games to be eligible for any postseason awards though he’s not likely to win any. He should get some votes for Most Improved Player, but guys on 13-win teams aren’t often considered for awards of any kind. The 65-game mark would also mark the most games Cade has played in a season, so it would be nice for him to at least reach that. 

Ausar Thompson, Isaiah Stewart, Stanley Umude, Quentin Grimes, Taj Gibson and Simone Fontecchio have are all ruled out as well. The first five guys have been shut down for the season, but what exactly is going on with Simone Fontecchio, who has been out for the last nine games and counting with a bruised toe? The Pistons have yet to give an update on the severity of his injury or officially shut him down for the season, so is it serious or are they just doing their tradition of shutting down all veterans to lose as many games as possible? 

The Grizzlies will be missing nine players of their own, so don’t expect to see many guys you’ve heard of in this game. With Jaren Jackson Jr ruled out, we could see a victory behind a big game from Jalen Duren tonight.  

The Pistons need to win three of their final six games to tie the worst record in team history.