Pistons land #1, make franchise-altering trade in this hypothetical

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Even though the 2024 NBA Draft doesn’t have the hype of some others, the Detroit Pistons are still hoping to hear their name called for the number one pick during the NBA Draft Lottery this Sunday. 

Getting the top pick this year isn’t just about the potential talent the Pistons could add to their roster, but also about the possible moves it would allow them to make. 

Detroit Pistons draft: Getting the number one pick opens up options 

While fans might not be as excited about Alex Sarr as they were about Victor Wembanyama or Chet Holmgren, adding a versatile seven-foot defender would help address one of the team’s biggest needs, which is rim protection. 

Pistons make risky trade in proposed deal for the #1 pick. dark. Related Story. Pistons make risky trade in proposed deal for the #1 pick

Detroit needs upgrades on both sides of the ball, but improving their awful defense should be a priority, as we’ve seen teams like the Timberwolves and Knicks have playoff success with a model of surrounding one or two elite scorers with loads of 3-and-D wings that get after it on the defensive end. 

Landing the number one pick would put the Pistons in a position to trade their pick in a package for a more proven player, or just take Sarr, opening up the possibility of a trade of Jalen Duren, something we’ve discussed in the past. 

That is exactly what happens in this hypothetical, in which the Pistons keep their pick and trade their young bigs instead.