Pistons land #1, make franchise-altering trade in this hypothetical

Chicago Bulls v Detroit Pistons
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Brandon Ingram is a risk, but one the Detroit Pistons should take 

Ingram struggled in the playoffs after returning from an injury and then being thrust into the role of number one option after Zion Williamson went down with an injury. 

Ingram’s pros and cons are well established, as he misses a lot of games and there is some crossover with Cade Cunnigham when it comes to the spots they like to be on the floor. Ingram likes to have the ball in his hands, but there are some (I am one of them) who would say he’s been pushed into that role more in New Orleans because Zion is always hurt, and the team doesn’t have a point guard. 

Ingram said as much himself in a recent interview in which he talked about the importance of having a point guard who can get you the ball in your spots, and how that lack has led to fewer 3-point attempts. 

He’s shown he can hit nearly 40 percent from long range on high volume and could easily go back to the role of a stretch four for the Pistons, giving Detroit two very good bucket-getters without giving up on Jaden Ivey. 

This is a hypothetical in which the Pistons improve their rim protection, get better on the wing and enter the season with a roster that could compete in the Eastern Conference but still has plenty of youth and upside. Giving up both Duren and Stewart to get it would be tough, but count me in, as this addresses the biggest needs without overpaying anyone or doing anything too desperate.