The Pistons lineup changes we need to see right now

Dec 23, 2023; Brooklyn, New York, USA; Brooklyn Nets guard Spencer Dinwiddie (26) controls the ball
Dec 23, 2023; Brooklyn, New York, USA; Brooklyn Nets guard Spencer Dinwiddie (26) controls the ball / Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The Detroit Pistons have set the record for consecutive losses in a single season and desperately need something to change.

When a team is down this bad, talking about lineups almost seems ridiculous, as there isn't some magic combination of players on this roster that can save them.

But that doesn't mean they shouldn't try, especially when it comes to the bench, which is the worst in the NBA and seemingly getting worse somehow.

Every time Monty Williams goes to an all-bench lineup, the lead evaporates for the Pistons or balloons for the other team.

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As I said, there is no one move Williams can make to save this, but he can and should use his young players to try and breathe some life into his bench.

Alec Burks and Isaiah Livers have to sit

Isaiah Livers has been removed from the rotation and it should have happened before it did. His numbers since coming back from injury have been horrible and have miraculously gotten worse as the season progresses.

In the last 10 games, Livers is shooting 19 percent from the floor and 12 percent from long range, so to say he's been struggling would be an understatement. When a guy is going this badly, it affects everyone, as teammates are hesitant to kick it out, which leads to poor ball movement and more difficult shots. It's also disheartening to repeatedly set someone up for open looks that they never make, a feeling Cade Cunningham knows all too well.

Alec Burks hasn't been much better, as he is shooting just 30 percent overall and just 25 percent from long-range in the last 10 games. His defense has been atrocious, and to be honest, it didn't sit well with me that he was laughing it up with the Nets last night after another brutal loss in which the young franchise player did everything and left it all on the court. Time to send Burks packing.

Monty Williams should lean on Ausar Thompson, Marcus Sasser and the G-League

Injecting some youthful legs and hope into this bench unit might give the Pistons a spark, who knows?

Ausar Thompson went from starting and looking like a future All-Defensive player to a guy with no confidence playing nine minutes. What happened? Get him back in there and get him rolling.

Same with Marcus Sasser, who has shot 52 percent overall and 43 percent from long range over his last 10 games. What am I missing? The kid can get buckets, let him get in there and get a few, who knows, maybe he will go off, hit 7-8 from 3-point range and win you a game?

And why not bring up some of the two-way guys? Jared Rhoden has had a hot hand, Stanley Umude has played well at times and Malcolm Cazalon has been hitting 3-point shots. We know they will at least play hard, compete and unlike the Pistons, have actually won a game in the last two months. Could it hurt to have some new faces and attitudes on the bench?

We are to the point where Kevin Knox looks like a huge upgrade, so maybe it's time to make some changes.

There's nothing worse than watching veterans go through the motions when they know they aren't going to be on the team much longer. Play the young guys and see if they can spark the bench and maybe, who knows, even win a game.