Detroit Pistons lineups to lean into, lineups to avoid

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Monty Williams has gone with a number of different lineups this year, much to the frustration of Pistons fans. But how has each group fared together? Let’s take a look at the Detroit Pistons’ most used lineups, in terms of +/-, and which ones Monty should roll with moving forward. The lineups below are listed in order of minutes played together this season. The first being Detroit’s most utilized lineup.

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It should also be noted, these rankings are primarily based on Net Rating. Net Ratings can be subjective based on the opponent and miscellaneous circumstances. It is, however, a good exercise and gives an idea of which lineups have primarily worked for Detroit thus far. As a benchmark, the league average for both team offensive and defensive net rating is right around 115. 

The best and worst Detroit Pistons' lineups

Lineup 1

Cade Cunningham

Killian Hayes

Ausar Thompson

Isaiah Stewart

Jalen Duren

  • GP: 8, MIN: 100
  • Net Rating: -10.1
  • Offensive Rating: 101.8
  • Defensive Rating: 112

The most used lineup for Detroit this season is made up mostly of the young core for Detroit. Cade Cunningham and Killian Hayes act as interchangeable one and two guards bringing the ball up the court, and Rookie Ausar Thompson works alongside them on the wing. One of the youngest players on roster Jalen Duren mans the post, as Isaiah Stewart splits time down low with Duren, and out on the wing with Thompson. This lineup is slightly below average, as denoted by the -10 net rating, which makes sense due to the lack of consistent three point shooting on the wings. 

What this group does have is an above average assist ratio, thanks to the combination of Killian and Cade, as well as slightly above average rebounding percentages. Unfortunately for Detroit, their top used lineup comes in with a double digit negative net rating, which checks out with their current franchise record losing streak.