Detroit Pistons lineups to lean into, lineups to avoid

Detroit Pistons v Atlanta Hawks
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Lineup 2

Cade Cunningham

Killian Hayes

Ausar Thompson

Isaiah Stewart

Marvin Bagley III

  • GP: 8, MIN: 68
  • Net Rating: -3.9
  • Offensive Rating: 112.9
  • Defensive Rating: 116.8

Detroit’s second most used lineup is essentially the same as lineup number 1, but, because of the constant ankle injuries that Jalen Duren continues to suffer, Marvin Bagley III is slotted in at the five. This change actually is to the benefit of the Pistons, however, in terms of net rating. Their offensive rating increases by 11 points, and defense only decreases by four. Meaning, the addition of Bagley over Duren makes up for some offensive abilities, while only sacrificing a small amount on the defensive side, even with Bagley's below average defense.

This lineup averages a worse assist ratio and rebounding percentage, but sees an increase in efficient field goal percentage and true shooting. Marvin Bagley III started the year better than expected, but has somewhat decreased his level of play as the weeks have progressed. I would expect this lineup combination’s net rating to decrease the more time they spend together as Bagley continues to regress to his mean. As of now, though, the Cade/Killian/Ausar/Isaiah/Marvin lineup is the closest to net zero out of any other lineup over 25 minutes played together.