Detroit Pistons lineups to lean into, lineups to avoid

Detroit Pistons v Atlanta Hawks
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Lineup 3

Cade Cunningham

Jaden Ivey

Ausar Thompson

Isaiah Stewart

Jalen Duren

  • GP: 7, MIN: 39
  • Net Rating: -7.9
  • Offensive Rating: 107.1
  • Defensive Rating: 114.9

For a total of 39 minutes across seven different games, fans have gotten almost what they want in Cunningham, Ivey and Thompson all playing alongside one another. All three of Detroit’s young guards playing on the court together gives them a 107.1 offensive rating, which isn’t terrible. What this lineup is missing is true spot up shooting. Ivey has improved his outside shooting from his rookie year, and Cade has proven to be able to hit from deep as well. But relying on Isaiah Stewart to be your next best outside threat is not advisable due to his lack of ability to drive to the basket. Ausar and Jalen essentially provide nothing but defense and rebounding; skills that would play perfectly if this lineup had a true, second-nature, knock down shooter from three. 

With that being said, this lineup has the highest pace and rebounding percentage at 107 and 58.4% respectively. They still fall directly between the previous two lineups at -7.9 net rating. Their offense isn’t quite as efficient as lineup 2, but their defense is not as stout as lineup 1.