How does the Pistons' losing streak compare to the former record?

Detroit made history earlier this week against the Brooklyn Nets.
Brooklyn Nets v Detroit Pistons
Brooklyn Nets v Detroit Pistons / Nic Antaya/GettyImages
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A deeper look at the streaks

Throughout their losing streak, Philadelphia started their losing at the end of January, against the Hawks. They would continue their bad luck through the end of March, with their final loss at the hands of the Rockets. Throughout this period, the 76ers scored an average of 94.2 points per night, while giving up 111.3 to their opponents. Six different times, the Sixers lost by eight or less, almost breaking the streak in the final minutes of multiple different games. According to Basketball Reference, throughout this season, Philly won three games more than their expected total of 16, had an offensive rating of 99.4 (30th of 30), defensive rating of 109.9 (26th of 30), and Net rating of -10.4 (30th of 30). Additionally, their attendance was 29th out of 30 in the NBA.

Detroit, in comparison, had their losing streak begin almost immediately. After their 2-1 start, the streak began on just October 30th. With eight games being considered down to the wire, Detroit has had more opportunities to end the streak than the Sixers did. The Pistons have averaged 109.1 points per night during their losing skid, and their opponents are averaging 120.9 against the Motor City. Offensively, the Pistons have a rating of 108.6, 28th out of 30, and a defensive rating of 120, 26th out of 30. Meaning, that Detroit has a higher-powered offense than the 76ers did, but their defense is well below the Sixers. Detroit’s net rating of -11.5 is slightly worse than Philly’s -10.4.