How does the Pistons' losing streak compare to the former record?

Detroit made history earlier this week against the Brooklyn Nets.
Brooklyn Nets v Detroit Pistons
Brooklyn Nets v Detroit Pistons / Nic Antaya/GettyImages
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Why this is worse for Detroit

Both streaks are historically bad, obviously. During their current streak, Detroit has maintained better offense than the Sixers did, but have slipped on the defensive end. I think Detroit has looked better than Philly did during their losing streak if that’s possible.

The main difference between these two streaks is the driving force behind each. Philadelphia was very clearly attempting to lose as many games as possible for an advantage in the upcoming draft. Detroit, on the other hand, came into the season to compete. They went through the process of repeatedly having top draft picks already.

Their Process was already supposedly completed in Detroit, to an extent. Will it end with continuous playoff appearances like Philadelphia just four seasons later? The roster clearly needs big changes before that is going to happen, so in many ways Detroit is still at the beginning.

As a side note, the way Philly was able to end their former record was with a win…. against Detroit.