5 Detroit Pistons who need monster second halves to save their jobs

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Shake Milton and Troy Brown Jr.

I'll lump these two together since they are both in the same situation as players whose money for next season is not guaranteed.

If the Pistons decide to pick up their deals, Milton is owed $5 million and Brown Jr. $4 million, not bad for two guys who have shown they can play in the past.

Shake had a couple of good seasons for Philly as a backup scoring option off the bench and Brown Jr., who is only 24, has flashed some 3-and-D potential.

Of the two, Brown Jr. is more likely to stick around just because he plays a position of need for the Pistons as a forward who can play either spot.

Milton is less versatile and would be lower on the depth chart, though he is the younger veteran type that they will eventually need behind their three young guards.

You never know how things will work with Monty Williams, who was inexplicably still using a 13-man rotation in the games before the break, but he should give Brown Jr. plenty of chances to show what he can bring to the table.

There could be better options available, so if these two struggle, they won't be back.