5 Detroit Pistons who need monster second halves to save their jobs

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James Wiseman

If I were coaching this team, the James Wiseman era would have been over long ago, but Williams (possibly with Weaver's urging) continues to run him out there and lately he's been slightly less horrible.

Since wins are meaningless at this point anyway, I suppose it can't hurt, as we all know about Wiseman's mythical "upside" that occasionally comes out between blunders.

If Wiseman can show that he can be on the floor and make a positive impact, especially defensively, I could see the Pistons bringing him back on a minimum deal to be a deep bench center next season. I hope not, but they've invested enough in him at this point that Weaver probably wants some ROI and skipped the chapter on "sunk costs."

But he doesn't have much time or many games to do it, so that evolution needs to start now and he needs to have a huge second half that shows he is headed in the right direction.

If we're being honest, all of these players other than Muscala should probably be shown the door, as the Pistons need more talent than a bunch of bench castoffs can provide.

But Williams has shown that he's going to give them shots to prove themselves, and if one of them does, great.

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