The Pistons must focus on this aspect if they want to exit their rebuild

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It’s painfully obvious that this core of young Detroit Pistons just isn’t cohesive. Too many guys are one dimensional, limiting who they can and cannot play alongside. For instance, Jalen Duren is a fantastic rebounder, but is extremely limited defensively and away from the basket. Pairing him with Jaden Ivey, who both also struggle away from the basket, is not a recipe for success.

The Pistons need to focus on something they have ignored: Fit. Who are they building around? What pieces fit next to those building blocks? They need to start filling holes and figuring out their roster by first identifying its nucleus.

So, now that the new front office is in place, under the guide of Trajan Langdon, which players should they identify as vital and ones to build around? Let’s go over percentages of the core players and how likely they are to remain as a part of Detroit’s future.

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For the guys who’s percentages are relatively low, I’m not necessarily saying they will be traded, but at the very least, be relegated to a bench role and play a lesser part in the Pistons’ future.

Cade Cunningham - 95%

The first guy on this list should come to the surprise of no one. Trajan Langdon, Michael Blackstone and the rest of the front office could very well identify Cade as the only untouchable on this roster. He truly is one of the only well-rounded players, and it’s clear he is the face of the franchise. There’s a world in which the FO decide that Cade is the only one worth building around, thus making everyone else available via trade and essentially starting the rebuild over. 

While that may be the cleanest and most straightforward way to getting Langdon’s guys on roster along with pieces that actually can play together, this would indicate that Detroit is likely to be in the basement for years to come as they restart the rebuild. Cade has improved every year, balanced out his game, was the hottest three point shooter for a month plus post all-star break, and put an entire team on his back, albeit, for 14 wins.. I would put him at 100 percent being a part of the rebuild but there is always an off chance at something strange happening.

All that being said, I would be shocked if Cade wasn’t a part of the future moving forward. Probably for the best if the front office wants to avoid riots downtown.