The Pistons must focus on this aspect if they want to exit their rebuild

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Ausar Thompson - 85%

Outside of Cade Cunningham being retained, I think the highest likelihood building block moving forward is now sophomore Ausar Thompson. We’ve already gone into why Cade will be retained (and likely even extended), but Ausar is likely to be kept based solely on his potential.

The issues with Ausar are apparent. They were apparent when Detroit selected him in last year’s draft. In a way, it’s Ausar who is truly handcuffing this team on potential lineups due to his non-existent deep ability. But, when given the proper playing time, he showed not only growth, but that he can be a true weapon, as a rebounder, slasher, defender and playmaker in transition.

I personally am not as high on Ausar, due to the handcuff he puts on the lineup, but I know many fans and front office members are. I think there’s a high chance that these are the two Langdon identifies as pillars moving forward, making it the most likely.