The Pistons must focus on this aspect if they want to exit their rebuild

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Jaden Ivey - 65%

After Cade and Ausar, we start to see my confidence in these guys returning begin to drop. Adding to the possible core to build around, there’s a chance Jaden Ivey will be included. I feel that this is the least likely combination of guys to build around as Ivey has already been in Monty Williams’ dog house, and it’s rumored that NBA teams have been lined up asking Detroit if he is available.

Jaden Ivey is an immense talent on the right team. His ability to get downhill and to the line is one of the best in the league. It’s this ability, and his flashes of potential that will make it difficult for the Pistons to move on.

Based on the available free agents this offseason, and some of the limitations in Ivey’s game, he comes in as second to worst odds to be a main focal point in Detroit’s rebuilt future.