The Pistons must focus on this aspect if they want to exit their rebuild

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Jalen Duren - 75%

It’s almost a foregone conclusion that Detroit will need to part ways with one of either Jaden Ivey or Jalen Duren. I’ve reflected that belief here in this article, with Ivey being the likely odd one out here. That leaves Duren as 75% chance to return to Detroit and contribute to the final product. Ivey was more so on the outs due to multiple areas he would need to improve at to fit with this roster, which are inconsistent three point shooting and defense.

Duren, on the other hand, really has just one part of his game that must improve. If he can spend the entire offseason working on his defense, Duren has a legit chance to be a part of this final product in Detroit. He is a double-double machine and is still young enough that his ceiling is incredibly high. Without improved defense, however, this number will drop tremendously. 

I personally see Duren falling out of favor this upcoming season, as Detroit will likely add a veteran big man in free agency. A year coming off the bench, learning and honing his defense, however, could be the best thing for Jalen and cement his future in Detroit.