The Pistons must focus on this aspect if they want to exit their rebuild

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Isaiah Stewart - 50%

The final piece that could be on the outs is one of Troy Weaver’s first moves back in 2020. Isaiah Stewart has been along for the entire trainwreck that was Weaver’s tenure and, to his credit, has done a really good job navigating it. Stewart was the first rookie to be extended in years, and has evolved his game to whatever Detroit needs. Coming out of Washington, Stewart was an undersized center, so he developed an outside shot and gave Detroit a stretch five option. Personally, I love Stewart coming off the bench as our backup five, but it seems that is not in the cards. 

The reason I have Isaiah as just a 50% chance of being in Detroit’s future is multi-faceted. First and foremost, even though all of these guys are Troy Weaver’s guys, Stewart is the oldest and most Troy Weaver-esque. Trajan might see Stew as a reminder of Troy’s failure and look to start fresh.

The other aspect that could lead to Isaiah’s 50/50 Pistons future is the reports of other teams that have been interested in him since being drafted. Every championship caliber team would love to bring an Isaiah Stewart off the bench for energy, size and three point shooting. Langdon could see this a great chance to move on and cash in on one of the few Weaver pieces.