Pistons news: Is Detroit the "dumbest team in the NBA?"

Detroit Pistons v Los Angeles Lakers
Detroit Pistons v Los Angeles Lakers / Harry How/GettyImages
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The Detroit Pistons made sweeping trade deadline changes and the reviews are still pending, as they've only played one game with their new cast and three of them were not yet available.

I gave the Pistons middling grades for their deadline, as I liked the players they brought in (Simone Fontecchio and Quentin Grimes) but had to knock them for asset management, as they probably waited too long to trade their veterans and could have made similar moves at the trade deadline without subjecting the fans to a 28-game losing streak.

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I am Homer #1, so tend to skew optimistic until I have a reason not to be, but some national pundits were not nearly as generous with the Pistons.

Bill Simmons calls the Detroit Pistons the "dumbest team in the NBA"

Simmons is known for his hot takes and for making superlative statements, often declaring something the "best" or the "worst," so you always have to take his opinions with a grain of salt.

In a recent episode of the Bill Simmons podcast, he went in on the Pistons, calling them the "dumbest team in the NBA" while citing several of their past moves, including:

-The Marvin Bagley contract
-The Monty Williams contract
-The early season benching of Jaden Ivey

I can't argue with those. But he did make some assessments that are debatable.