Pistons news: Is Detroit the "dumbest team in the NBA?"

Detroit Pistons v Los Angeles Lakers
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The Detroit Pistons at the trade deadline

Simmons bemoaned that Detroit wasn't able to get more for Bojan Bogdanovic and Alec Burks than Quentin Grimes and a couple of second-round picks, and again, he may have a point. But that point was more valid last year than this one, as it became clear that the Pistons weren't getting a first-round pick for either of them.

While I agree the Pistons could have gotten more last season (Troy Weaver admitted as much), this was about as good as it was going to get in this one. Bogdanovic is nearly 35 years old, and while he played a big role on a bad Detroit team, he won't be playing that role with the Knicks, especially once they are healthy.

He'll be a bench sniper who comes in to score points and the Knicks have the defense to cover him. You can't call Bojan a "20ppg scorer," as he likely won't be on the Knicks. No one is giving up a big haul for a one-dimensional bench guy in the latter stages of his career.

And Knicks fans are already complaining about his defense (this has been fun to watch on Twitter) and some are wondering if they should have just kept Grimes, who was a fan favorite. Knicks fans are much like Simmons, prone to exaggeration and superlative, but they might have a legitimate point, especially in the playoffs, when teams are going to target Bogdanovic on the wing when he's in there.

I already like Simone Fontecchio and think he's going to give the Pistons most of Bogey's offense with much better defense and fewer turnovers, so it could be a net gain for Detroit.

Same with Grimes, who can get after it on the defensive end and isn't a bad 3-point shooter himself. The Pistons needed defensive upgrades and got them without having to sacrifice any of their future.

To someone who doesn't watch the Pistons every day, it may look like they got swindled by the Knicks, and maybe they did, time will tell, but they weren't winning anything with Bogdanovic and Burks, wanted to get younger and more athletic and they did.

The Pistons may still be the dumbest team in the NBA, but I didn't hate their trade deadline moves and never thought they were going to get much more for Bogdanovic after they didn't trade him last season.