Pistons news: Don't hold your breath waiting for big changes

Brooklyn Nets v Detroit Pistons
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We all know the deal with the Detroit Pistons at this point. They're 2-18 and have lost 17 games in a row.

There have been injuries, growing pains and a new head coach trying to figure out how to best deploy a roster that has too many guards and centers, a problem we've been talking about since the offseason.

Just as the Pistons are beginning to figure some things out with their starting five and got Bojan Bogdanovic back, nearly the entire bench went into a slump at the same time.

That's the type of season it's been for the Pistons, two steps forward, six steps back, a lot of questions and not many answers.

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This is why there has been a loud contingent of fans calling for Troy Weaver to be fired. Believe me, I hear from them every day, as you can't have a discussion about any aspect of the Pistons without someone jumping in with something like, "the guard rotation doesn't matter until you fire Troy Weaver." Ok.

I've written my share of criticism of Troy Weaver, as I think has wasted three offseasons making moves that didn't make the Pistons any better, nor secure any assets, culminating with the disastrous trade for Joe Harris that ate up most of the cap space last offseason.

But I've also said that injuries have probably bought Weaver more time. This team is bad with or without Bojan Bogdanovic and Monte Morris, but they wouldn't be this bad and may have made the type of progress we were hoping for, which was admittedly a low bar to begin with.

Weaver should and likely will be given the summer to right the ship, but I do understand fans who think the guy who partially got us into this mess shouldn't be given free rein to get us out.

For now, it appears Tom Gores is going to continue to exercise patience, so fans hoping for Weaver to be fired midseason are probably going to be disappointed.

The Detroit Pistons aren't going to fire Troy Weaver...yet

Multiple sources have confirmed that the Detroit Pistons don't have any imminent plans to shake up the front office.

The first came from Omari Sankofa II of the Detroit Free Press, who said,

Sources say Pistons brass is reluctant to hit the panic button — meaning a sweeping front office change looks unlikely for now. With three-fourths of the season remaining, there’s time for the roster to gel, and fortunes to turn."

Slight tangent here: Can we stop blaming the beat writers for the Pistons being horrible? They don't make the trades, draft the players, hire coaches or front-office personnel, they report on those things, which is their job. The beat has been plenty critical of the team, including the above article and I would argue that the Pistons have one of the most engaged and thoughtful groups in the NBA. Tangent over.

Sankofa's reporting was echoed by insider Marc Stein (SUBSCRIPTION), who said,

"As painful as the present is for the Detroit Pistons, with a whopping 17 losses in a row after a 2-1 start, early indications suggest that major changes to their organizational structure are unlikely to be considered until after the season."

That doesn't mean there won't be trades or changes to the roster, but for now, it appears that Troy Weaver and his team will be the ones making them. That could certainly change at the end of the season, especially if the Pistons end up with fewer than 20 wins again.

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