Pistons news: POBO search, roles and more of the same

Oct 28, 2023; Detroit, Michigan, USA;  Detroit Pistons owner Tom Gores watches during the first half
Oct 28, 2023; Detroit, Michigan, USA; Detroit Pistons owner Tom Gores watches during the first half / Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

The Detroit Pistons didn’t waste any time starting the “sweeping changes” that owner Tom Gores promised this offseason. 

Shams Charania first reported that the Pistons would start a search for a new President of Basketball Operations who will report directly to Tom Gores: 

The search will become formalized this week and we should start hearing names soon. 

The candidates Gores chooses will be telling, as he could be looking for an elder statesperson type to be a voice of experience and reason between him and the front office or he could be looking for a younger, up-and-coming executive who could be there long term. 

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Regardless of who is hired, it does bring into question the roles certain people will have moving forward.  

What role will Troy Weaver have for the Detroit Pistons?

Not surprisingly, GM Troy Weaver will stay in his current position as General Manger, as was announced by Adrian Wojnarowski: 

But what that means is up for debate. Will Weaver still have full say over personnel decisions or will the new POBO (I hate this acronym already) have veto power? Could the new hire come in and decide they don’t want to move forward with Weaver? Surely this person will at least have their own staff and deputies to bring on board. What if their first order of business is to clean house?

Will this just be a situation where the person acts as a babysitter for Troy Weaver? And if so, what is the point of even keeping Weaver? It’s a confusing way to go about fixing your front office and it will be interesting to see how the roles shake out for people who remain in their current jobs.

If this sounds the same... 

I’m happy the Pistons are doing something, but this seems like a half measure for a team that really does need sweeping change, not just a band aid on a gaping wound. 

Even Gores' platitudes sound eerily the same as his press conference at midseason, his promises after last season, and really, the same song and dance since he took over, complete with cement metaphors.

They could have just changed the date at the top of this press release, which could have been from any of the last four years. 

Will this be the time that Tom Gores finally gets it right? You could easily argue that he has botched every big hire he’s made, so it’s hardly inspiring that he’ll be the one bringing an extra layer of bureaucracy. 

Also, who would want this job? Few executives are asked to come into a situation where the entire front office is already in place and they have no say over who stays or goes, especially when it comes to your most important front office position, the GM. 

I am hoping for the best, but with the Pistons’ recent track record it’s hard to expect anything but more of the same.