Pistons news: Tough conversations with Monty Williams

Nov 30, 2023; New York, New York, USA; Detroit Pistons head coach Monty Williams looks on during the
Nov 30, 2023; New York, New York, USA; Detroit Pistons head coach Monty Williams looks on during the / Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports
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Tough conversations with Monty Williams

3. What is with the undying faith in Isaiah Stewart?

Coach, I love Beef Stew, and I get why he has to be out there. He's the only big you have who can defend at both levels and he competes. He has to be a fun guy to coach, as he puts in the work and cares. But this is not working. Last night was the perfect chance (with MBIII out with injury) to use Stewart as the backup five and to try and get some more defense and shooting on the wing. Instead, you kept Stewart at the four and started Bogdanovic at small forward. Why not at least try something different? Even if you think you have to start Stewart, could we try him at the five now that Jalen Duren is hurt again? Every other young player on this team has had their minutes/role changed except for Stewart even though there is mountains of evidence that he is just not a starting NBA power forward. Memphis started Bismack Biyombo at center last night, so there was no reason to go big. Is this being forced on you by the front office? Do you really think this can work? Will you ever try anything different with Stewart?

4. What happened to the 3-guard lineup?

One of the bright spots of the two games before last night was the success of the three-guard lineup featuring Cade, Ivey and Killian Hayes.

This trio has only played 44 minutes together but the results have been promising, as they have the second-highest net rating of any trio that has played at least 40 minutes together for the Pistons. They were the spark that got the Pistons going in the previous loss to the Cavaliers. So why did you go away from it? The three didn't play together at all last night, which just doesn't make any sense. If Duren is indeed out with an injury again, the next starting five should be Cade, Ivey, Killian, Bojan and Stewart. Could you at least try it and see what happens? Cade Cunningham has been very good off the ball, as he seems to make quicker decisions and be more aggressive, so why not get him more looks this way? I'm no coach, but Cade is your best player and best chance to crawl out of this, so I'd be doing everything possible to make his life easier. So why aren't you?