Detroit Pistons: Players who can be traded on December 15th

Chicago Bulls v Detroit Pistons
Chicago Bulls v Detroit Pistons / Gregory Shamus/GettyImages

The Detroit Pistons now sit alone with the worst record in the NBA, riding a 14-game losing streak that has no foreseeable end.

Bojan Bogdanovic (if he ever returns) alone is not going to fix this team that has become all too accustomed to losing.

They can't count on 2024 free agency to save them, so if the Pistons want to start to climb out of this hole, they may need to make a trade.

Even if it isn't a blockbuster, the Pistons need to do something to shake up this roster and there will be a new crop of players available for trade in just over two weeks.

NBA Players who can't be traded until December 15th. Can anyone help the Detroit Pistons?

Newly signed free agents or players who signed extensions over the offseason are not eligible to be traded until December 15th, so there will be some additional options soon for the Detroit Pistons.

Unfortunately, most of the best players aren't going anywhere and the options are pretty slim. The Pistons aren't going to get a star from this group, but they could get some veteran role players who can at least help. Here is the full list of players.

One team to monitor is the Chicago Bulls, who have both Torrey Craig and Jevon Carter, two players I hoped the Pistons would pursue this past offseason. Neither is going to make the team radically better, but they are solid veterans who can defend and shoot. The Bulls may be rebuilding soon, so send over Killian Hayes and James Wiseman.

Donte DiVincenzo from the Knicks might have some appeal as a shooter, but most of these players are guys the Pistons could have signed last offseason and chose not to, or play for good teams that need the depth.

The Detroit Pistons may have to hope addition by subtraction works for them, that maybe getting a couple more reliable veterans who aren't always hurt can help change the vibe around this team that seems to be stuck in a holding pattern waiting for injured players.

There is no quick fix coming in December, and with seven expiring contracts on the books, Troy Weaver has a lot of work ahead of him.

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