Detroit Pistons: Possible buy-low trade target on the Warriors

Detroit Pistons v Golden State Warriors
Detroit Pistons v Golden State Warriors / Ezra Shaw/GettyImages
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The trade deadline can't get here soon enough for fans of the Detroit Pistons.

It's unlikely the Pistons do anything that will make them markedly better or turn this season around, but it will at least be the beginning of the purge that this roster needs to reset around the core.

With limited trade assets at their disposal, the Pistons are more likely to be sellers at the deadline even though they reportedly want to be buyers, which seems delusional for a team that has won three games and just lost their best player to injury.

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One option the Pistons might explore is taking on a "buy low" player who is either on an onerous contract or having a bad season. The Pistons have done this kind of dumpster diving in the past and it has not yet worked out, but there is one player reportedly available who is a safer bet than some of the flops they've taken flyers on in the past.

Detroit Pistons trade with the Golden State Warriors

I've written in the past that the Golden State Warriors don't make a ton of sense as a trade partner for Bojan Bogdanovic, as it's hard to make the contracts work without a third team.

There is also the possibility that the Warriors may want nothing to do with a wing player who isn't a good defender, despite being an excellent scoring option, as Bogdanovic is.

Insider Marc Stein (Subscription) reported that the Warriors may be open to trading forward Andrew Wiggins:

"Given the limited success Golden State has found when pairing Kuminga with Andrew Wiggins, there is a rising belief among rival teams that the Warriors are increasingly open to the idea of trading Wiggins, who was an integral component of their title run in 2022."

But does Detroit have the assets to make a trade? Would they even want to?