Detroit Pistons: Possible buy-low trade target on the Warriors

Detroit Pistons v Golden State Warriors
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Detroit Pistons trading for Andrew Wiggins

The Wiggins from the three seasons prior to this one would be the perfect addition to the Pistons, as he was knocking down nearly 40 percent of his 3-point shots and is a good defender on the wing.

But Wiggins has dropped from 17 ppg to just 11.9 and his shooting numbers have plummetted to 42 percent from the field and just 29 percent from 3-point range.

The Pistons would have to believe that his shooting slump this season was an anomaly and not a sign of imminent decline. Wiggins is just 28 years old (nearly 29) so should be in the middle of his prime, but he's been awful offensively for Golden State this season.

Would the Pistons want to take on the risk of three more years of this Wiggins? Absolutely not, but if there wasn't a chance of that happening it wouldn't be a risk and if Wiggins wasn't playing poorly he wouldn't be available in the first place.

The good thing about Wiggins' contract is that it is manageable, as it ramps up from $26 million to 30 over the next three seasons, which is now the going rate for an NBA starter.

But is he one? That's the real question.

The Detroit Pistons have taken these kinds of risks in the past and have mostly been burned by them, but it may be one of their best chances to get an impact player who is a fit given their limited trade assets.