Detroit Pistons: Pros and cons of trading for Zach LaVine

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Detroit Pistons: Trading for Zach LaVine

Con: What happens to Jaden Ivey?

This would probably be the most pressing question to me.

Could the Detroit Pistons trade for LaVine without giving up Jaden Ivey? Even if his trade value plummets, it's hard to see the Bulls dealing their best player without getting at least one big piece back in return. They aren't going to move him for nothing but expiring deals and second-round picks, sorry.

Even if the Bulls would do such a deal, getting LaVine would almost surely relegate Ivey to a limited bench role, as there is no way the two of them would work on the floor together at the same time.

When you look at Ivey's early stats, they aren't much different than LaVine's were at his age, so would the Pistons basically be giving up on a younger, much cheaper version of Zach LaVine by trading or limiting Ivey?

Both of them are electric athletes who can't defend, and with Ivey's 3-point shooting improving, there is not a whole lot of difference between him and a young LaVine.

If the Pistons could somehow land LaVine for a poo poo platter, then it might be worth the risk, but if they have to give up Ivey, you have to wonder if that's a move they would regret in the near future, especially if Ivey blows up and helps rebuild a division rival.

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