6 Detroit Pistons at risk of being traded this summer

Charlotte Hornets v Detroit Pistons
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Marcus Sasser

Sasser has been struggling mightily of late, shooting just 34 percent overall in his last 10 games and under 30 percent from 3-point range.

But he's shown enough to think he can be a competent bench scorer and he's on a team-friendly contract that extends through 2026-27 (the last two years are team options) which may make him attractive to another team looking to add young talent.

The Detroit Pistons won't be shopping Sasser, but given their lack of draft picks, he's the kind of player another team might take in place of a first-rounder if the Pistons were to try and trade for a bigger name this summer from a team starting a rebuild.

Isaiah Stewart

Beef Stew's new contract starts next season and he'll be the highest-paid player on the Pistons unless they sign or trade for someone who makes more than $15 million per year.

The Pistons love Stewart as their defensive anchor but there are still big questions about his ultimate role for the team. Is he the power forward of the future or a backup do-it-all big man who plays either spot as needed? I'm certainly leaning toward the latter, especially if the Pistons can land a proven four in the offseason.

If so, is it worth paying Stewart $15 million a year to be Jalen Duren's backup? And will the recent mini-surge from James Wiseman factor into that decision?

There have been teams inquiring about Stewart, so if the Pistons wanted to move him, he'd have suitors. Again, I don't see the Pistons shopping him necessarily, but given his contract and uncertain role, his name might come up in trade rumors this summer.