Pistons rotation: Will Monty Williams ever give the fans what they want?

Brooklyn Nets v Detroit Pistons
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Fans of the Detroit Pistons have a lot of ideas of how to change and improve the team and now and then they get it right.

Fans were right to be concerned about spacing around Cade Cunningham before the season started, especially once Bojan Bogdanovic was ruled out.

Fans were right to wonder if the offseason additions of Joe Harris and Monte Morris would be enough to push this team forward.

Fans have been calling out for changes in the rotation all season, but so far, Monty Williams has been reluctant to play certain guys and has stunted their growth in the process.

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If the Pistons are going to be losing anyway, why not lean into the young core and the players who best complement them? I can't speak for all fans, but this is the rotation I know a lot of us would like to see.

Detroit Pistons rotation: Leaning into the young core

The worst part of this season is that the Pistons are not only failing to win but also failing to develop their young players to their full potential. Given that they have seven expiring contracts, it's time to start using the players who will be here past this season alongside the guys who best complement them.

-Cade Cunningham
-Jaden Ivey/Marcus Sasser
-Bojan Bogdanovic/Alec Burks
-Ausar Thompson/Kevin Knox
-Jalen Duren/Marvin Bagley III

If Cade Cunningham, Jaden Ivey, Ausar Thompson and Jalen Duren are your core four players, it's time to start using them together to see how they fit. The "core four" has played 5.4 minutes together this season, and these are the guys you are building around?

Monty Williams has to find ways to use Ausar Thompson as a cutter, screener and even ballhandler, anything other than as a spot-up shooter. If he's part of the future, start figuring it out.

Killian Hayes is on an expiring deal and hasn't been great anyway, so why not see what you have in Sasser? Williams can stagger Cade and Ivey so that one of them is always on the floor.

Alec Burks has regained his form and is a guy who can help off the bench, as we've seen in the last three games. Same with Kevin Knox, who has at least shown he can finish around the rim and knock down an occasional three. He's offering more than Isaiah Livers right now and Livers is on an expiring deal anyway.

Marvin Bagley III has been removed from the rotation in favor of James Wiseman, who is a disaster on both ends. I'm not piling on Wiseman, but he's on an expiring deal too, while MBIII is still signed for another year. They may as well see if MBIII can be a competent backup center moving forward, as Wiseman is not likely to be back.

Despite what the delusional front office might think, this season is now about player development and seeing what types of players best work around the core. So lean into it, play the young guys and veterans that will best help them succeed.