Pistons rumors: Was Detroit denied first interview request?

Orlando Magic v Detroit Pistons
Orlando Magic v Detroit Pistons / Nic Antaya/GettyImages

It’s hard to get excited about the Detroit Pistons this offseason. 

Even with the NBA Draft Lottery coming up tomorrow, fans are in a pessimistic or apathetic holding pattern until we find out who will be leading the Pistons front office next season. 

So far, their search for a new president of basketball operations has yielded nothing but speculation as teams like the Hornets and Suns get a head start with hires that may have interested the Pistons. 

Detroit is also likely waiting for some candidates whose current teams are still in the playoffs, so even though it’s tough not to get antsy, patience will be required, even as the NBA Draft and free agency loom in the near future. 

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Detroit reportedly asked for an interview with Bucks’ GM Jon Horst, who used to work for the Pistons and has connections to the state, but that route may have hit a dead end. 

Did the Detroit Pistons get denied an interview for Jon Horst? 

Teams have to ask permission to interview candidates who are currently working in the NBA, and according to one source, the Bucks decided to deny that request. 

Even though I have seen this Tweet wildly circulated by Pistons fans, I was not able to corroborate it anywhere else, so until this gets reported by other sources, I am going to call this speculation and move on. 

Even if the Bucks were to deny this request, it doesn’t mean the Pistons would be completely shut out of the possibility of Jon Horst, as Milwaukee can’t force him to stay there, but can draw out the process for the Pistons and make things difficult. And why wouldn’t they? There’s no reason for the Bucks to help a team in their own division, and even though things didn’t go their way this season, Horst does have respect and clout in the organization. 

If true, Detroit should move on soon, as there are plenty of other qualified candidates and they have little time to waste ahead of one of the most important offseasons in recent memory. 

The ping pong balls will help decide Detroit’s future tomorrow, but it won’t matter unless they get this hire right.