Detroit Pistons rumors: Possible fallout from 7 unhappy playoff teams

Detroit Pistons v Los Angeles Clippers
Detroit Pistons v Los Angeles Clippers / Kevork Djansezian/GettyImages
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#2: LA Clippers

The Clippers have to wonder how long they can keep running with Kawhi Leonard and Paul George, who are rarely healthy at the same time. Leonard has only had one healthy playoff run for the Clippers, who were once again bounced in the first round without him.

LA is committed to Kawhi, who is signed through the 2026-27 season, but both George and James Harden can be free agents this summer. George has a player option that he could decline to seek a long-term deal and it's anyone's guess what Harden is going to do.

They could both re-up with the Clippers, who are in a bind here, as they are potentially going to lose two of their best three players for nothing and start a soft rebuild around an oft-injured Kawhi.

That makes me think they will do what it takes to at least bring back George, but if he does hit free agency, the Pistons will be interested even though his performance in the playoffs was not inspiring.